Verre Eglomise mirrors


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At Filigrana we use the technique of Verre Eglomise ( Gilding on glass), to create bespoke mirrors designed to meet the client’s wishes.
Filigrana mirrors are a unique piece of art in the own right that can be a centre piece for a wall spilling light into a room and creating a sense of space and depth.
Over the years we have worked with a diverse range of clients from the corporate and private sectors. Our mirrors can be found in the homes of a number of famous people and in excusive hotels across the world.
Using precious metals including Gold, Silver and Platinum luxurious ‘effects can be applied to the surface of glass providing a variety of colour and reflectivity.
Mirrors can be created in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the client’s needs.
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Verre Eglomise

Verre Eglomise is the process of applying metal leaf to glass. Precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium are used depending on the required effect.
This make Verre Eglomise sound like a simple straight-forward process, however, this is not the case. Through a panoply of techniques a myriad of wonderful, luxurious, effects can be achieved that scatter light, creating colours, translucence and reflections that cannot be achieved through other media.
Over nearly 30 years of working with Verre Eglomise Estitxu Garcia has created her own unique vocabulary of techniques that include the use of range of chemicals to create striking colour effects that enhance and extend the pure metallic colour.
The Verre Eglomise panel is often ‘distressed’. This is a process of thinning the layer of metal leaf after it has been applied so that it will reveal Art Work that has been created on a back board that will sit behind the Verre Eglomise glass panel.

Please see the the links below for examples.

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How to oil gild the inside of a bowl.


What do you need for oil gilding; oil size, transfer moon gold, cotton wool, soft burst
 Apply a single coat of oil gilding to the surface.
I normally used 12 hours sizes from Lefranc. Normally I apply at 6 or 7 at night and when I can in the morning to my workshop it is ready to gild.
If you are using transfer gold leaf take a sheet out of the booklet, place it face down onto the sized area and gently rub over the back of the backing paper with cotton wool to release the gold onto the surface.
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Verre Eglomise – Circular mirror

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Silver and copper gilt on glass
Just finished one of our circular silver and copper mirrors! A couple of years ago, we were commissioned to create 20 of these for a Belgian cruise ship.


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Verre Eglomise glass panels wardrobe

Verre Eglomise glass  panels wardrobe

These six glass panels formed wardrobe doors that were created for the interior designers ‘China Coast’. They are made in silver leaf using the technique of Verre Eglomise – gilding on Glass

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Antiqued pair of bespoke mirrors

Antiqued pair of bespoke mirrors

This two mirrors were commisionded by Lason Robb Interiors design.
The centre mirror panel were made in silver leaf to achieve an antiqued mirror appearance.

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Bespoke glass screen

Bespoke glass screen

The screen pictured above was produced using the technique of Verre Eglomise and is a bespoke item made to a client specification.

White gold with hand painted motifs.

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