Verre Eglomise

Verre Eglomise is the process of applying metal leaf to glass. Precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium are used depending on the required effect.
This make Verre Eglomise sound like a simple straight-forward process, however, this is not the case. Through a panoply of techniques a myriad of wonderful, luxurious, effects can be achieved that scatter light, creating colours, translucence and reflections that cannot be achieved through other media.
Over nearly 30 years of working with Verre Eglomise Estitxu Garcia has created her own unique vocabulary of techniques that include the use of range of chemicals to create striking colour effects that enhance and extend the pure metallic colour.
The Verre Eglomise panel is often ‘distressed’. This is a process of thinning the layer of metal leaf after it has been applied so that it will reveal Art Work that has been created on a back board that will sit behind the Verre Eglomise glass panel.

Please see the the links below for examples.

Crop-moon gold-verre eglomise-photo 6.jpg


About filigrana1

Over the last 20 years working in my London studio I have been extensively commissioned to design and create original Verre Eglomise-panels mirrors and screens for a wide variety of clients.
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